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As Security professionals and wildly enthusiastic about games we love to be part of both fields. Focused on merging both worlds to create games where players can truly enjoy what creators have prepared for them.

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Gaming Security

Secure your games against common risks such as In-game cheating, In-game economy manipulation, Server Attacks and Player Data Protection.

Infrastructure Security

SwordBytes offers professional assessments services, such as external and internal penetration testing, web application and API assessments, and reverse engineering.

Application Security

Game launchers and desktop applications represent a big attack surface that needs to be secured.

Our Team

Joel Noguera

Joel Noguera


Joel Noguera is a security professional and bug hunter with more than seven years of expertise performing tasks such as exploit development, reverse engineering, security research and consulting. Joel actively participates in Bug Bounty programs, reaching top 26 in famous platforms such as HackerOne. He has multiple CVEs assigned to his discoveries. He has also delivered multiple trainings around the world, including Web Exploitation during a period of three years at InfiltrateCon. Joel has presented at Recon, BlackHat Europe, EkoParty and BSides Keynote Berlin.

Leandro Barragan

Leandro Barragan

Principal Security Consultant

Leandro Barragan is the consulting lead at SwordBytes. Having been involved in the Information Security industry for more than seven years, Leandro has led penetration testing teams helping organizations all across the globe harden their diverse attack surface, ranging from web applications to IoT devices. In his free time, he also does security research and bug bounty hunting, publishing over 50 CVEs on enterprise software and reporting more than 500 issues to private bug bounty programs.

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